About MillWatcher Basic


MillWatcher actively monitors your wind turbine. This means, that the system checks the wind turbines, even though they have not reported any failures. Thus you will discover turbine failures and connection problems with computer, modem or telephone line in the wind turbine.

More than one wind turbine or turbines of different types

Whether you have 1 or 100 wind turbines, MillWatcher will provide you with an overview in the same login – even if the turbines are of different types.

Receive a message with the operational status of your wind tubine every day

MillWatcher calls your wind turbine every day and gather information about status, production numbers etc. You will receive your wind turbine’s status as a text message and an e-mail. The operational status will tell you if your turbine functions, has failures or is not able to respond due to connection problems. Furthermore, you are able to get more information about your wind turbine by logging on to the system.

Export production numbers to Excel

When you log on to MillWatcher, you can see production data of your wind turbine shown by days, months and years. You are able to export those numbers to Excel. You can also find information of weather and wind at your turbine, a historic log of the status to your turbine, a satellite photo of your turbine etc.

Buy extra calls for your wind turbine

It is possible to buy extra calls for your wind turbine for only EUR 3 extra a month. You can use the calls whenever you want. For example you can use them to check whether the service company has fixed  failures on the turbine.

What does MillWatcher require?

MillWatcher is independent of the type of wind turbine, and  will give you an overview covering different type of turbines Vestas, Siemens, Nordex etc.

Nothing needs to be installed in the turbines, MillWatcher only needs a little relevant information about the wind turbine in order to establish contact with it.

You do not have to install anything on your computer either, MillWatcher is web based so  you simply need internet access, and you can log on to MillWatcher from any computer in the world.

Bestil prøveperiode

Du kan i øjeblikket få en 14 dages gratis prøveperiode på MillWatcher.


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